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    • 10G AIO Aquarium -
    • 10G AIO Aquarium -
    • 10G AIO Aquarium -

    Nano-Reefer™ Signature AIO Aquarium – 10 Gallons

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    From: $349.95

    Aqua Mini Nano Reef LED Light

    30 Watt of full spectrum reef specs LED light encased in high quality CNC aluminum body and fully programmable: Sunrise, Sunset, On/Off Timer, and Thunderstorm Special Effects. Compatible with all corals (Soft, LPS, SPS).

    Available on backorder

    Ultra Slim Mini 50W Heater w/External Controller

    Ultra Small 50W Heater w/External Controller - Excellent Fits for Pico/Nano Reef Tank where space is limited.

    In stock

    Oceanbox Designs™ Refractometer for Saltwater Reef Tank Salinity Level

    Accurately measure the salinity level in saltwater. Range: 1.000 - 1.070SG

    Only 3 left in stock (also available on backorder)

    Coral Box S150 Needle Wheel Mini Protein Skimmer

    Reduce nitrate by removing organic waste out of the water column in your reef tank into a designated collection cup before the waste break down into nitrate.

    Only 3 left in stock (also available on backorder)

    AutoAqua Smart ATO Micro - Automatic Top Off System

    Refill evaporated water with the world's smallest and most advanced auto top off system. Penny sized sensor perfect for nano reef tank.

    In stock

    Backorder, allow 6-8 weeks to ship.


    Nano-Reefer™ Signature AIO Aquarium – 10 Gallons

    *Due to popular demand, we’re experiencing lead time of 6 weeks+

    Oceanbox Designs Nano-Reefer™ AIO Aquarium is meticulously built by hand, built to extreme aesthetic, built by reefer for reefers! It features our unique sleek Spit-Eurobrace and Flushed-Top baffles design. A built-in sump filter provide all of your filtration needs including: mechanical, chemical, and biological with a 3-Stage removable media racks and a large 3.75″x7″ return chamber to fit a small return pump, a nano skimmer, and a heater.


    • Split-Eurobrace
    • Flushed-Top Fluorescent Baffles
    • 3-Stage Removeable Media Racks
    • Return Chamber to fit a Nano Skimmer, Heater, and Return Pump
    • Emergency Overflow Bypass
    • 160GPH Of Flow
    • Loc-Line Adjustable Flare Nozzle
    • 1/2″ Return Pump Ouput
    • Hand-Polished Edges
    • Hand-built in the USA


    • Volume: ~10 Gallon
    • Tank Dimensions: 12x16x12″
    • Display Dimensions: 12x12x12″
    • AIO Dimensions: 12×3.75×12″
    • 160GPH Pump Included

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