• Pico Reef 4.3 Gallons Oceanbox Designs
    • Pico Reef 4.3 Gallons Oceanbox Designs

    PICO-S 4.3 Gallon AIO Shallow Cube Aquarium – Oceanbox Designs™

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    Ultra Slim Mini 50W Heater w/External Controller

    Ultra Small PICO Heater w/External Controller

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    Oceanbox Designs™ Refractometer for Saltwater Reef Tank Salinity Level

    Accurately measure salinity in saltwater. Range: 1.000 - 1.070 SG.

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    AutoAqua Smart ATO Micro - Automatic Top Off System

    Penny size sensor Auto-Top-Off system. Perfect for Picos!

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    Built-to-order, allow 2-3 weeks to ship

    PICO-S 4.3G AIO Shallow Cube Aquarium

    Oceanbox Designs™ 4.3G PICO-S (Shallow) AIO Aquarium is a small tank packed with premium features. The tank measures 11.75×11.75×7.25″ with a built-in All-In-One filtration system making it a perfect choice for a desktop pico tank or a portable frag tank for shows and frag swaps. Oceanbox Designs products are meticulously hand-built and designed to extreme aesthetic.

    ReefBuilders.com Featured: https://reefbuilders.com/2016/03/02/oceanbox-designs-unveils/


    • Tank Volume: ~4.3 Gallons
    • Tank Dimensions: 11.75L x 11.75W x 7.25H
    • AIO Dimensions: 11.75L x 2.75W x 7.25H


    • Premium craftsmanship incorporating CNC laser technology.
    • Black bottom and background to enhance color of corals.
    • Filter Media Chamber with Single Modular Media Rack.
    • Return Chamber.
    • Adjustable Flare Nozzle.
    • 80GPH Return Pump Included.
    • Hand-Polished edges.
    • Hand-Built in Texas, USA.

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