CoralOne POD Modular Solo Frag Stand (Classic)


  • Place a single coral frag or colony (4-5″) on the sand.
  • FragLok™ plug locker secures your frag in place.
  • Newly acquired frags benefit from light & flow acclimation.
  • Establish a healthy coral colony before adding it to your rockscape.
  • Ideal for frags grow-out, isolation, and temporary placement.
  • 100% Reef-safe materials. No magnets, no rust.

Frag Stand. Grow-out. Modular.

The CoralOne™ POD Solo Modular Frag Stand holds a single coral frag or colony on the sand. This is ideal for coral grow-out, isolation, light and flow acclimation of newly acquired frags. Based on the original invention by Building An Obsession, LLC, our signature FragLok™ plug locker securely holds your frag in place. The Modular Frag Mount is fully compatible with our CoralOne™ Modular line (CGOPOV45) and future mounting options.

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