Oceanbox Designs now making Face Shields PPE

As of today (4/11/20) Oceanbox Designs® will be making medical face shields PPE to contribute to our health heroes facing a challenging battle during the Covid-19 pandemic. As a small family own business, a team of husband and wife, we are not equipped with man or machine power to make thousands but what we do have is a piece of our hearts we will dedicate to our health heroes. No help is too little and may be a little help goes a long way in these trying times! We're hoping you can be a part of it!


We want to make as many face shields as we could within our capacity for as long as we're needed or until materials are exhausted. Our top priority is to donate as many face shields as we could manage (out of pocket and time) to local hospitals in dire need of PPE in the DFW area since we're a Texas based company. Our first donation will be delivering 30 face shields in person to Methodist of Richardson, Texas. *If you're a local medical facility seeking PPE donation, we are reserving our extremely limited time/supplies for Covid-19 positive, ER front-line healthcare workers, Nurses and OBs in the splash-zone only, please contact us for more info. For other medical PPE needs (nation wide) we are accepting donation by purchase (at a discount) or cash (see details below) to be able to help others.


As a team of husband and wife, we realized the two of us can only take it as far as we can manage, financially, to cover face shields donations. As much as our hearts weight, fund is in shortage so we need your help! We have already spent days on finding and testing for the “proper” materials and went through a dozen of design iterations before the final model, although not medically approved, it's well made within the scope of medical specs suitable for medical professionals use. So far we have spent at least $1.5K on initial materials purchase, for testing and securing them while they're still available.


Our face shield is made from a high quality 3D printed semi-flexible PETG frame with a medium-weight crystal clear shield (no ripples or cloudiness and reusable). It features an adjustable latex rubber elastic band, with the face shield, can be washed or sterilized entirely with chemical and has thermal resistance up to 50C/122F. The solid elastic band assure there is no gaps (unlike braided elastic) for germs/virus to accumulate in. Our sleek and light weight design allow to be worn comfortably for over 8 hours of work.


If you'd like to help, we're accepting cash donation or face shields purchase for personal use (limited to 2 face shields/family address) or medical professionals use with a 50% discount (approved account only, limited to 30 face shields per facility). All face shields purchase for medical professionals use must be shipped directly to your select medical facility, we will not ship to your personal home address. All “purchase for donation” shipment will be addressed from Oceanbox Designs, LLC on the shipping label with a note inside the box that said “A contribution to our health heroes – From: Oceanbox Designs, LLC & your name”.  All funds accumulated will be used toward face shields production and other expenses (3D print filaments, shield plastic, elastic band, shipping and packaging, etc.) for as long as we're needed.


We're also facing a problem of materials sourcing as they have have been bought out by mass production companies when the pandemic started, we were lucky to be able to score enough for a few hundreds face shields for the moment. The proper materials are becoming difficult to source so the sooner funds allowed the sooner we can secure more materials available at hand to ensure we will be able to keep going for as long as possible.


We don't have the capacity for mass production, in fact we (a two persons team) have expanded our work hours to over 15 hours a day, 7 days a week to maintain our regular work orders while putting our health care workers on top priority.  Because of the low production rate (about 14-16 face shields/day) and with extremely limited materials on hand, we're reserving face shields only for those in most dire need (direct face-to-face contact medical personnel). If you don't need one (already equipped or being stayed at home) but still would like to help, please consider cash donation instead to save our resources for those in need more.


We would like to thank you in advance for being a part of the OBD family to support our health heroes, they are in need of us more than ever! May god bless you and yours in good health sand safety during these trying times! Tomorrow be a better day. Let's get through this together!

Oceanbox Designs Face Shield PPEOceanbox Designs Face Shield PPEOceanbox Designs Face Shield PPEOceanbox Designs Face Shield PPEOceanbox Designs Face Shield PPEOceanbox Designs Face Shield PPEOceanbox Designs Face Shield PPEOceanbox Designs Face Shield PPE

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