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About Us - Oceanbox Designs, LLC

About Us

Oceanbox Designs, LLC is founded and owned by a reef community member and aquarist, Phuong T. Phuong has been in the aquatic hobby for over 15 years with personal expertise in freshwater Cichlids aquarium and over 4 years in Reef Keeping. With Oceanbox Designs®, Phuong has dedicated his artistic skills and creativity in designing and creating superior products with extreme aesthetic dedicated for Saltwater & Reef aquariums. Oceanbox Designs® products are originally designed and meticulously hand-crafted in the Great State of Texas, USA. At Oceanbox Designs®, we strives to provide the latest innovation to promote best husbandry in reef keeping.


We would love to help you to expand your store inventory, especially with the attention to details and quality of Oceanbox Designs products that can leave your customers in aws. Feel free to submit your wholesale request below. Please note that not all requests will be accepted, if we are able to fulfill your needs we will be in touched with you for a final confirmation.

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