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A Small Team of Engineers based in DFW, Texas.

Oceanbox Designs, LLC was founded in 2017 and operated by team husband and wife, Louis and Julia Truong! When it comes to creating a product or solving a problem, it's compulsive for us to create one that boasts quality and performance.

We prided ourselves in the ultimate craftmanship and innovation of our products – Which we’re proud of and love to serve. Our core value sustains through innovative , creative, and primitive. We don't follow the crowd and prefer to drive new trends. Ultimately, the importance of innovative products and well-thought-out designs goes beyond simply solving problems.

Louis, co-owner of Oceanbox Designs, LLC, is extremely passionate about finding new and innovative ways to create high quality products and is always looking for ways to improve upon existing designs. He is committed to providing the best possible product, and his dedication has led to a long list of satisfied customers.

Oceanbox Designs® is highly respected in the aquarium industry and is known for their dedication and commitment to providing high quality products. Oceanbox Designs® commits to value integrity as an innovator even when it is not the most comfortable or profitable. Products designed and made by Oceanbox Designs® are original, trademarked, partnered with, and owned by the company.

Best regards,
Oceanbox Designs® Team

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