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About Us - Oceanbox Designs, LLC

About Us

Oceanbox Designs, LLC is founded and owned by a reef community member and aquarist, Phuong T. Phuong has been an aquarist for over 15 years with personal expertise in freshwater Cichlids aquarium and over 7 years in Reef Keeping. We started small with just a few simple acrylic products but have been grown wonderfully since 2017. Oceanbox Designs® is about devoting our creation to design one of a kind products to enhance your reefing husbandry. We value an unparalleled designs standard, aesthetic details, high quality craftmanship, and bringing value to the reefing community – Which we’re proud to be a part of and love to serve. Oceanbox Designs® products are designed and made in the Great State of Texas, USA.

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