CoralOne CGO Modular Magnetic Solo Frag Rack (Classic)


CoralOne CGO Modular Magnetic Solo Frag Rack (Classic)


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CoralOne CGO POD Conversion Kit

  • Transform into a frag stand.
  • Perfect for sand bed placement.
  • Ideal for a larger-than-average frag.
  • Grow-out. Extendable. Versatile.
  • Extendable mount that grows with your frag.
  • FragLok™ silicone locker holds plug securely in place.
  • Neutral color accent for a sleek and classy profile.
  • Frag Stand convertible with a POD Conversion Kit.
  • Powerful magnetic mount for up to 1/2″ glass.
  • Submersible impact resistance external magnet.
  • Premium built with high-quality waterproof magnets.
  • Ideal for larger-than-averge frag up to 3″ wide.
  • Engineered for reliability and a lifetime of rust-free operation.
  • Made in Texas, USA.

Grow Out. Extendable. Versatile.

The CoralOne™ CGO (Colony Grow-out) Modular Magnetic Frag Rack in collaboration with Building An Obsession, LLC offers an innovative solution for single coral frags acclimation and growing out corals. Specifically designed for larger corals like LPS, this single-frag rack allows you to mount a frag or establish a colony. You can then transfer it to the CoralOne™ POD frag stand to be placed on the sand for further observation and care.

Extendable – The sliding (extending) mechanism allows your larger coral frag or colony to extend further from the tank wall, ensuring that it is happy and can extend fully. This allows you to mount corals that would otherwise touch the tank wall such as torch corals, hammers, or other mini LPS/SPS colonies.

FragLok™ – Your frag plug is securely held in place and protected from unintentional release and disturbance from invertebrates and turbulence in the water flow. Based on an original invention by Ben Su of Building An Obsession, LLC. 

Frag Stand – Easily convert to a frag stand with a POD Conversion Kit. This innovative feature allows you to convert the CoralOne™ CGO module into a standalone frag stand (the CGO POD) to be placed on the sand bed that holds an individual coral frag or colony.

Magnetic Mount – Premium acrylic encased waterproof magnetic mount with an impact-resistant magnet that provides long-lasting and rust-free performance.

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  1. BR

    Strong magnets that actually do what they say. I have 1/2″ glass. Often, a company will claim that they’re rack is suited for glass up to 1/2″. In reality, the rack will tip, tilt, or fall at the slightest disturbance. NOT these though. Very pleased with the overall design and quality. If you’ve got the means to buy these, I suggest that you do. Otherwise, price may be prohibitive.

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