All Purpose Shrooms, &
Anemones Nurseries

Protect your precious anemones or mushrooms for acclimation, attachment to rubble, or grow out.

Magnetic Anemone's Den

Extremely Sleek & Versatile

Magnetically mounted and ideal for acclimating/nursing multiple small shrooms, rock anemones, or a small bubble tip. Wouldn’t it be nice to take close-up peek on your softies babies and spot feed them at will?

Jack-O-Lantern Softies Saver (JOSS) Kit

Shroom Saver & Frag Stand

A simple snap-on solution to temporarily protect soft corals like mushrooms and toadstool leather frags while allowing them to attach itself to rubble rock. JOSS™ also double as a sand-bed stand to hold a single frag upright.

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