Jack-O-Lantern Softies Saver Kit


  • Snap-on softies protector.
  • Direct fit on 1.25″ crown frag plugs or discs.
  • Eliminate dreadful rubber bands practice.
  • Full kit including the proper frag plugs/discs.
  • Useful for protecting, growing out, and attaching soft corals.
  • Fits OceanWonders large frag plugs.
  • Reef-Safe 3D printed PETG.

Jack-O-Barrel Softies Saver Kit

No More Loose Frags!

JOSS is a Shroom Saver and a Frag Stand. Instead of the traditional shroom boxes/cage style, the Oceanbox Designs® Jack-O-Lantern Softies Saver (JOSS) simply snap fit onto a 1.25″ frag disk to protect soft coral frag (i.e. toadstool, shroom, kenya tree, sinularia, etc.) for grow out or attachment. Often times, large barbaric critters such as hermits, snails, sea urchin, etc. may knock over and bother your new frags to death without any protection. Since rubber band and superglue are detrimental for soft corals tissue, JOSS is the ideal solution! JOSS can also hold a single frag plug securely in place to keep your frag from being knocked over.

Available in 3 colors:

  • Translucent Clear with natural color frag plugs and frag disks
  • Sunset Orange (Semi-UV reactive) with coated purple coralline frag plugs and frag disks
  • Black/Orange (Semi-UV reactive) with coated purple coralline frag plugs and frag disks (through December only)


  • Dimensions: ~1.5″ (38mm) OD x 0.78″ (20mm) Tall
  • Frag Plug/Disc Compatibility: 1.25″ (32mm) Crown, 7/16″ (10mm) Stem
  • Material: Ceramic, Agrocrete, 3D Printed Reef-Safe PETG
  • Made in the USA
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