CoralOne POV45 Modular Magnetic Solo Frag Rack (Reactive)


CoralOne POV45 Modular Magnetic Solo Frag Rack (Reactive)


CoralOne CGO POD Conversion Kit

  • Transform into a frag stand.
  • Perfect for sand bed placement.
  • Ideal for a larger-than-average frag.
  • Limited Launch Edition (available until April 10th).
  • Patent-pending Pivot-Lock modular system.
  • GLO™ top/bottom neon accent glows under UV/actinic lighting.
  • 45°-Tilt for maximum light exposure.
  • 1.75″ wall-to-plug-stem extension.
  • FragLok™ locks plug and resist unintentional release.
  • Frag Stand convertible with a POD Conversion Kit.
  • Powerful magnetic mount for up to 1/2″ glass.
  • Submersible impact resistance coupled magnet.
  • Rust-free high-quality construction.
  • Ideal for single coral frags and colonies up to 4″ wide.

45° Tilted. Extended. Versatile.

Limited Launch Edition. Order Before April 10th.

The CoralOne™ POV45 Reactive Limited Edition has both top and bottom GLO™ accent that glows brightly under UV/Actinic lightings. 

The CoralOne™ POV45 Modular Magnetic Frag Rack in collaboration with Building An Obsession, LLC enables single coral frag grow-out that maximizes light and growth. Our patent-pending Pivot-Lock Modular System (PLMS) tilts the frag module at a 45° angle for maximum light exposure to maximize coral growth. Using our POD Conversion kit, the frag module can also be detached and converted into a frag stand that holds a single frag or colony.

45° Tilted – Our patent-pending Pivot-Lock positions the coral frag at a 45° angle to maximize light exposure and flow. This minimizes shadowing and maximizes growth with more light and additional flow over the traditional upright position.

Extended – The CoralOne™ POV45 extends wall-to-plug-stem at 1.75″, allowing for larger coral frag mounts, such as torch corals, hammers, or other mini LPS/SPS colonies that would otherwise touch the tank wall.

GLO™ – The neon accent is bright and glows under UV or actinic lighting, making it an eye-catching spot light for your prized coral. This concept was introduced in 2017 with our original GLO™ Magnetic Frag Rack series.

FragLok™ – Your frag plug is securely held in place and protected from unintentional release and disturbance from invertebrates and turbulence in the water flow. Based on an original invention by Ben Su of Building An Obsession, LLC. 

Frag Stand – Easily convert to a frag stand with a POD Conversion Kit. This innovative feature allows you to convert the CoralOne™ CGO module into a standalone frag stand (the CGO POD) to be placed on the sand bed that holds an individual coral frag or colony.

Magnetic Mount – Premium acrylic encased waterproof magnetic mount with an impact-resistant magnet that provides long-lasting and rust-free performance.

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