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    • Frag-Solo-Magnetic-Grow-Out-Frag-Rack-1
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    Frag-Solo™ – Magnetic Grow Out Frag Rack

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    This is not your typical frag rack. The Frag-Solo™ is designed for making your back wall / AIO insert / overflow box part of your reef aquascape.

    Main Features:

    • Black acrylic to match black back wall, very discrete.
    • Pin-hole matrix mounting pad for mounting frag with super glue gel.
    • Dual “REEF SAFE” submersible magnets mount.
    • Strong double magnets to hold frag that will eventually turn into small colonies.
    • No frag holes because frag plug is ugly!
    • It has its own back wall for encrusting SPS corals (acros, monti, cyphastrea, etc.).  There’s a small gap between its backwall and your tank’s backwall to prevent corals from encrusting onto your tank’s backwall.


    • Dimensions: 2 x 1″.
    • High quality cast acrylic.
    • Dual submersible magnets mount.
    • Hold through glass thickness option: 1/4″, 3/8″

    *External magnets may come in black or blue depending on availability.

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