Oceanbox Designs® has proudly collaborated with Building An Obsession™ to bringing you one of the most innovative and best frags mount on the market. Our new Locking Magnetic Frag Racks are your superior coral frags mount incorporated with BAO unique locking feature designed to lock down your frag plugs. Snails, crabs, and even massive ocean waves will not be able to knock your frags off. Available in 10 and 15 frags mount with dual “REEF SAFE” waterproof magnets for up to 1/2″ thick glass.


  • Streamlined sleek design.
  • BAO innovative frags locking system.
  • CNC laser cut with high quality cast acrylic.
  • Encased Magnetic Mount System (EMMS).
  • Dual “REEF SAFE” Submersible Magnets (great for overflow box, AIO filter wall mount).
  • Hand-built in Texas, USA.


  • Size: 10 Frags | 15 Frags
  • Dimensions:  5″L x 2-3/16″W | 5″L x 3-1/16″W
  • Compatible Frag Plugs: <= 1/2″ Stem, <= 3/4″ Crown
  • Tank Glass Thickness: <= 3/8″ (10mm) | <= 1/2″ (12mm)


Oceanbox Designs