FRAG-STICK Extra Long Magnetic Coral Frag Rack


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Single Magnet Bar Adapter for Magnetic Products (SMB-L, for 1/2" Glass) - Oceanbox Designs

Single Magnet Bar Adapter for Magnetic Products (SMB-S, for 5/16" Glass) - Oceanbox Designs

Key features:

  • Powerful magnetic mount.
  • Superior waterproof magnets. Submersible.
  • Dimensions: 8 x 1.25″
  • Capacity: 8 Frags
  • Compatible Frag Plug: <1/2″ stem, <5/8″ crown
  • Glass Thickness: <= 5/16″ (8mm), <= 1/2″ (12mm)
  • Proudly Made in Texas

The "Incognito Mode" of Frag Racks!

The Oceanbox Designs® FRAG-STICK Extra Long Magnetic Coral Frag Rack combines a sleek design with a slim profile for a sophisticated and elegant look. Perfect for Nano-Reef and blends in well to black or clear glass making it almost invisible. It has a sleek profile with premium magnetic mount – with High Impact Resistant exterior magnets that can be submerged. Perfect fit in to tight area, back wall, and AIO/overflow filter wall. Ideal for acclimating new coral frags to lighting and flow condition before placing them onto your hardscape permanently.

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  1. Best frag rack I’ve owned. I Would buy again. A+

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  2. They’re beautiful and so aesthetically pleasing, they are superior quality as far as materials go. I’ll definitely be getting more!

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  3. Best looking frag racks I have seen. Laser cut to precision with coated rustproof magnets.
    These neat and tidy custom made racks are designed for people who take pride in how their tanks look.
    The first thing people look at now is my frag racks, they don’t care about my vast selection of Zoas, Ricordias or SPS corals, they complement me on my frag racks and how clean and neat it looks.

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  4. The craftsmanship on these frag racks are phenomenal. I truly appreciate hand made accessories. I can’t stress enough how amazing the magnet is, super strong! Oceanbox Designs truly emphasizes in quality work! I highly recommend these frags racks over any big name company. Awesome stuff!


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