Pro Lens Hood MKII (37mm)


Pro Lens Hood MKII (37mm)


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Key Features:

  • Blocks glare-causing light spills from tank lights.
  • Enhances image quality by reducing unwanted color cast.
  • Double as a protector for your lens and filter.
  • Press fit design – Easy to add on and remove.
  • Compatible with ReefLens MKII Pro and 37mm filter*.
  • Made from high-quality composite 3D printed materials.
  • *Fitment is not guaranteed on off-brand filters.
  • *Lens Hood only. No filter or lens included.

Your secret to crisp photos and videos!


The 37mm Pro Lens Hood blocks unwanted light spills from your tank lights to reduce glare, enhancing image clarity. The ‘before' image shows a heavy orange haze caused by light leaks from our tank lights into the camera lens. When you point your phone slightly up toward the tank lights, you get what is typically referred to as ‘glare.' The ‘after' shot almost eliminates this issue by reducing color cast from the glare. Whether you are a content creator or a casual reefer, it's always best to showcase your corals in the most pleasant way.

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  1. J

    Helps block out the light. Super worth it

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