Scrubbie XS Pico Acrylic/Glass Aquarium Magnetic Scrubber


Scrubbie XS Pico Acrylic/Glass Aquarium Magnetic Scrubber


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  • Acrylic/glass safe magnetic aquarium algae scrubber.
  • Penny-sized scrubber with knurled handle for ease of maneuver.
  • Superior waterproof magnets (on both sides).
  • Micro-coarse pad keeps most sand out, minimizing scratch.
  • Premium felt pad for smooth motion, minimizing friction.
  • Strong magnet strength for up to 1/4″ glass.
  • Perfect for micro, pico, nano, bowl and round aquariums.

IIMAGS Nano Glass/Acrylic Aquarium Scrubber

Penny Size. Rust-Free Guaranteed.

Introducing the world's smallest premium aquarium magnetic scrubber, the IIMAGS™ Nano! Perfect for MicroTank® owners or small tanks with (Glass/Acrylic) thickness up to 1/4″ (6mm). The “Penny Size” scrubber featured a compact 3/4″ (20mm) scrubber (wet side) and a 7/8″ (22mm) handle (dry size). The IIMAGS's knurled handle provides added grip for easy handlingThis compact scrubber will fit into hard-to-reach corners and areas, especially for tanks under 10 gallons.


  • Suitable for removing mild film/hair algae and detritus.
  • Double sealed scrubber for 200% waterproof capability.
  • Powerful State-of-the-Art Waterproof Magnets (both sides).
  • Innovative Knurled Grip Handle for ease of maneuver.
  • Micro Coarse Pad (scrubber side) suitable for both Glass/Acrylic.
  • Soft Felt Pad (handle side) for smooth movement and scratch protection.
  • *Not suitable for deep scratches, dense coralline algae, thick green film/hair algae.


  • Wet Side: 3/4″ (20mm) x  3/8″ (10mm)
  • Handle Side: 7/8″ (22mm) x 7/16″ (11mm)
  • Max Glass/Acrylic Thickness: <= 1/4″ (~6mm)
  • Proudly Made in Texas
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  1. DM

    Best nano scrubber I have found out there. As soon as it’s back in stock, I’m ordering more!

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    • P

      Thanks Dylan! Fantastic to hear that! We’re very particular on the quality/design of our products. There are many claimed to work on both glass and acrylic but some still scratch acrylic, after a ton of testing we have found a balance of the right materials to achieved this. On top of that, we took our design to the next level with the knurled handle and sleek aesthetic profile. I’m glad to hear it is working great for you!

  2. RG

    It’s very hard to find an acrylic mag scrubber that won’t damage your tank. The scrubber side bristles are fine enough to do the job with no scratches to the tank, as well as the felt side (outside of tank) I would highly recommend this product 11/10!!

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  3. DL

    The best magnetic algae scrubber going. I got one for a jar and it works great on the rounded thick glass.

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  4. JD

    Great for the pico tank!

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  5. A

    Great little scrub.

    Image #1 from Andrew
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