ReefLens MKII PRO Coral Lens Kit

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Supports most Android & iOS devices, including iPhone 15 Pro/Max or use our ➥ PRO Lens Case for seamless lens attachment.
Experience the ultimate reef tank filmmaking with these add-ons!
PROGRIP i3 Smartphone Camera Grip
Pro Lens Hood for ReefLens MKII PRO 37mm Filter
RECMini Snorkel Coral Lens (Filter Attachment)

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Lens kit includes:

  • 3x 37mm Premium Multi-Coated Macro Diopter Lenses
  • 3x Actinic Filters (12,000K, 16,000K, 20,000K)
  • 1x Anti-Glare Extra-Slim CPL Filter
  • 1x Locking Clip-On Mount
  • 1x Pocket Carrying Wallet
  • 3x Actinic Filters Cases
  • Instruction Manual

See Your Reef in Details Like a Pro.

The ReefLens MKII PRO 7 Lens Kit by Oceanbox Designs® is one of the most versatile photographic lenses kit professionally designed for your reef aquarium to date (developed, optimized, and tested in Texas)This kit includes seven premium lenses and filters for capturing coral reefs in your aquarium with your phone's camera. The optimized actinic filters remove unwanted blue artifacts often associated with strong actinic lights. Additionally, a combination of macro diopters can improve sharpness and clarity as well as capture more details. Whether you're a reefer or an avid photographer, creating content for your corals and reef tank is easier without the bulky camera equipment and complex video files processing.

Lens Mount & Compatibility

Our intuitive clip-on lens mount featured a sliding mechanism to accommodate most smartphones (iOS or Android) including multiple cameras cluster (automatic camera switching will need to be disabled for optimal performance). Unlike low quality (weak) clip-on mount, our lens mount has a stronger tension spring and a locking thumb screw to ensure a secure fitment so there is no chance of any unwanted movement during a shoot – It's important for your lens stay centered to your phone's camera for optimal performance.

Compatible with most Android and iPhone 13/14

How to optimize your iPhone settings for optimal results.

Multiple Cameras Coverage

Our lenses DO NOT cover all 3 cameras, we explained why you need to avoid this! Additionally we highly recommend using our Lens Mount with a slim fit (thin) TPU case, the camera cut-out can provide extra support for the lens mount.

Macro Diopter Lenses

The ReefLens™ MKII PRO Kit comes with 3x HMC Multi-Coated* Macro Diopters (X4D, X8D, X15D) – Each lens allows you to get a closer focus on your coral, the larger the number the closer you can focus on the subject while its magnification will increase. These lenses can be stacked to find your best result!

Actinic Filters

Our actinic filters (12,000K, 16,000K, and 20,000K)* are optimized through many iterations. We match the optimal Pantone® color and intensity to specific actinic levels for actinic (blue) color correction, which reduces overly saturated orange (often seen on generic color filters).

Anti-Glare Filter

The multi-coated* anti-glare CPL* filter can greatly minimize reflection from the tank glass, especially when taking a full tank shot at an angle. This filter should only be used with any single actinic filter for a full tank shot or none-close-up shots!


  • Macro: The term Macro is used in Macrophotography when taking a picture of a close-distance object.
  • Multi-coated: Lenses with multi-coating helps to minimize the glare, reflections, and enhance clarity of the captured image.
  • 12,000K, 16,000K, and 20,000K referred to the reef lights spectrum settings in which you want to take your photo/video under.
  • CPL: A circular polarizer filter can reduce reflection off reflective surfaces like glass and water. You can adjust the effect by rotating the front ring.


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Play Video
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iPhone Settings

PHOTO MODE SETTINGS – Disable “Auto Macro”
➥ Go to Settings > Camera > Preserve Settings. Here, enable the Macro Control option. Now, go to the Camera app, and, after getting close to a subject, tap the Tulip icon to disable the Macro mode. Macro mode will stay disabled even when you close and re-open the Camera app next time.

VIDEO MODE SETTINGS – Disable HDR Video & Enable Lock Camera
Turn HDR video OFF.
➥ To turn off HDR recording, go to Settings > Camera > Record Video, then disable HDR Video.

Turn Lock Camera ON.
➥ On iPhone 13/14, the Lock Camera setting prevents automatic switching between the cameras while recording video. Lock Camera is off by default. To turn on Lock Camera, go to Settings > Camera > Record Video, then enable Lock Camera.

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