Magnetic Anemone’s Den V2


Magnetic Anemone’s Den V2


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Oceanbox Designs® Magnetic Anemone’s Den V2 is a versatile housing typically used to acclimate new mushroom coral or small (baby) anemones before they get released into your display tank. For soft corals such as mushroom and leather corals, it’s a neat way to allow them to attach to a piece of rubble rock before gluing them into your rockscape. If you want to be improvised, it can also be used as a frozen food defroster or temporarily separate a small aggressive fish or critter from wrecking havoc unintentionally.

What's new in V2?

  • New super sleek magnetic mount system can hold up to 3/8″ (9.5mm) thick glass with a single external magnet block.
  • “X-shape” external magnet design for ease of handling while installing or detaching from the aquarium's panel.
  • All visible edges are hand-polished to museum quality to top the final touch.
  • Optionally, a Removable Lid can be add-on (sold separately) for a fully enclosed housing if necessary.
  • Our innovative Semi-Friction lid's hinge allow the lid to hold itself up for a brief moment at any position of less than 90 degree, it will “NOT” flap around loosely.


  • High quality craftsmanship.
  • New Single Magnet Magnetic Mount with Injection Molded Internal Magnets.
  • Both sides of our magnetic mount are 100% Waterproof and Reef-Safe to fully submerge.
  • Wave shape slits to allow more natural pass-through flow but won't allow the critter(s) to escape.
  • Solid bottom allows you to add a thin layer of sand bed.
  • Precision CNC laser cuts with cell cast acrylic.
  • Museum quality hand-polished edges.
  • Optional removable lid available.
  • Available size: MICRO – 80x80x80mm | MINI – 100x100x100mm
  • Hand-crafted in Texas, USA.


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  2. JN

    Looks great, very happy.

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  3. TG

    Quality and craftsmanship is amazing!

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