Vario Hang-On Probe Holder GHL Edition


Vario Hang-On Probe Holder GHL Edition


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  • Streamlined sleek aesthetic design.
  • Support all GHL ProfiLux probes.
  • Screwless probe mount to insert/remove probe with ease.
  • Single-screw hang-on mount with cable organizer channel.
  • Adjustable height up to 2.75″ variant with dual locking screws.
  • No metal, no magnets, never rust.
  • Designed and made in Texas.

The Oceanbox Designs® Vario Hang-On Probe Holder GHL Edition supports up to four GHL proprietary probes. A single thumb screw hang-on mount with a cable organizer channel ensures a simple, clutter-free installation in glass sumps and all-in-one aquariums. GHL ProfiLux users will appreciate the sleek and modern profile that complements GHL's aesthetics. Say goodbye to thumbscrews! Our innovative screwless probe mounting system allows installing or removing the probe with ease. The variable height adjustment of the probe holder unit can accommodate different water levels in your in-stand sump or AIO rear sump, up to 2.75″ varying height in the guided rail.


  • Dimensions: 6-1/4″H x 4.0″W x 3-1/8″D
  • Hang-on Maximum Glass/Acrylic Thickness: 3/8″
  • Materials: Acrylics, 3D Printed in Reef-Safe PETG, Nylon

What's included?

  • 1x Hang-On Bracket
  • 1x Probes Holder Unit
  • 3x Thumb Screws
  • 1x Instruction Manual


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