CoralOne POV45 Modular Magnetic Solo Frag Rack (Classic)


CoralOne POV45 Modular Magnetic Solo Frag Rack (Classic)


CoralOne CGO POD Conversion Kit

  • Transform into a frag stand.
  • Perfect for sand bed placement.
  • Ideal for a larger-than-average frag.
  • Patent-pending Pivot-Lock modular system.
  • 45°-Tilt for maximum light exposure.
  • 1.75″ wall-to-plug-stem extension.
  • FragLok™ locks plug and resist unintentional release.
  • Frag Stand convertible with a POD Conversion Kit.
  • Powerful magnetic mount for up to 1/2″ glass.
  • Submersible impact resistance coupled magnet.
  • Rust-free high-quality construction.
  • Ideal for single coral frags and colonies up to 4″ wide.

The little frag rack that could.

45° Tilted. More Light. More Growth.

The CoralOne™ POV45 Modular Magnetic Frag Rack revolutionizes frag mounting, maximizing light exposure and growth with its patent-pending Pivot-Lock System (PLS). Tilted at a 45° angle, it ensures optimal light and flow exposure, enhancing your coral's health.

Tilted, slanted, angled – We designed the POV45 to position the frag at a 45° angle, maximizing both light and flow. This minimizes shadowing and enhances growth compared to the traditional upright position.

More Room – With the angled rack of the CoralOne™ POV45, you'll have more space for larger corals like torches, as well as other LPS, SPS, and soft coral colonies.

FragLok™ Silicone Plug Locker – Your frag plug is securely held in place and protected from unintentional dislodge and disturbance from invertebrates and turbulence in the water flow. Based an original invention by Benjamin Su of Building An Obsession, LLC

Frag Stand Convertible – Easily transform it into a frag stand with our POD Conversion Kit, allowing you to place an individual coral frag or colony on your sand bed.

Waterproof Magnets – Featuring a premium acrylic encased (wet side) magnetic mount with a powerful impact-resistant magnet (dry side), our design offers superb holding strength and rust-free reliability, ensuring the safety of your marine life.

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