MicroTank Artisan P-1G Flow Booster


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  • Increase flow up to 50%.
  • Promote healthier corals by suspending detritus with higher flow.
  • Maximize filter efficiency with higher turnover.
  • Intensify turbulence in all directions to eliminate dead space.
  • Fully plug n’ play. No additional hardware required.
  • Optimal for medium to high flow corals and macroalgae.

Boost your flow by 50%. Plug n' Play.

The MicroTank­ Artisan P-1G Flow Booster increases flow up to ~50% using the stock return pump in your Oceanbox Designs® MicroTank® Artisan P-1G micro aquarium line. Higher flow is not only beneficial to more flow-loving corals like SPS, but soft corals such as Zoanthids/Palythoa and macroalgae as well. Additionally, the added flow creates natural turbulence that increases filter efficiency and keeps corals healthier by reducing particulates from settling on them.

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  1. I decided to try this unit when I started to notice a little debris collecting on an encrusting sps coral. At the time, I also had just a little too much rock work going on in my P1G (my fault, lesson learned). This overstocking was negatively effecting the flow in some areas of the tank. As soon as I plugged this little guy in, I saw a big difference. The debris no longer collects on top of the corals and even the corners see a better turn over of water. The only downside I found is the increased noise level. It is a noticeably louder hum, but if you are into aquariums, noise is a necessary evil and its not a deal breaker. Even being a bit louder, I would buy it again in a heart beat. If it had been available when I first ordered my P1G, I’d have thrown it in the cart right then. If you are just keeping mushrooms, softies and zoas, maybe this isn’t that important. For LPS and SPS however, I definitely recommend it!

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