MicroTank Artisan P-1G Peninsula SE

From $349.00

MicroTank Artisan P-1G Peninsula SE

From $349.00

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Unique one-of-a-kind handmade hardscapes. Once sold, they're gone!
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Custom 18W 20,000K pico LED.

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  • One Gallon. Breathtaking Craftmanship.
  • Conceptually unique. Mastered construction.
  • Reef-Ready or Freshwater aquarium setup.
  • Museum quality polished tank’s edges.
  • Built from architectural grade cell-cast acrylics.
  • Includes anti-warp lids for display and rear sump filter.

MicroTank® Artisan P-1G Peninsula SE

Form & Function Redefined.


The MicroTank® P-1G SE system features redefined functionality, breathtaking aesthetics, and meticulous craftsmanship with a compact footprint that fits anywhere. This cohesive system makes it possible for you to create the most successful micro aquatic environment from beginners to advanced. Ready to immerse yourself beyond your imagination?

MicroTank® P-1G Hardscapes

Pre-Made. Creative. Effortless.

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  1. PD

    Though I’ve been in freshwater aquaria all my life, this has been my first ever marine tank. I put lots of time into studying exactly what I’d need to do, and decided that a Pico tank was the right choice for me. Finding an all in one that not only served its function well, but also looked amazing was a challenge. When I found the P-1G, I was instantly impressed. The design is thoughtful and classy, with just the right proportions for all the essential functions. I love how perfectly the filtration is integrated along with the heating compartment and light mounting area. The flow is strong enough for the tiny environment and the filter pad is easy to access for routine cleaning. The only complaint I’d make is that the access holes in the back of the stand are not large enough to fit all the cables inside, nor the InkBird controller for the heater. It would be nice to be able to tuck all that in and have a single cord from a small power station leading back to the wall. Never the less, it is a minor inconvenience and my only real grievance with the design. As for the craftsmanship, it is top notch! Every seem is perfect and the fit and finish is flawless all around. I have noticed that the lid only fits on one way, but that is of little concern, being a custom peice. When fitted properly, evaporation is indeed highly diminished. I only have to top off once a week, if that. Being a pico reef, water changes are easy on a weekly schedule, as replacing a quart to half a gallon instantly resets the chemistry levels and replenishes minerals. Obviously, you can’t fit much in such a small space, but I’ve got about a dozen frags growing in there, all mounted to the rocks they will eventually encrust. I have mostly Zoanthids but a couple other softies and LPS (non stinging). I have a feeling the recommended light is not intense enough for sps, though I am not experienced enough to say for sure. My tank has been up and running for about 7 weeks now and I’ve had no real issues with any aspect of it. In any field of the aquarium hobby, there are countless gadgets and gizmos that we purchase because the looked cool or useful. Many of them end up becoming a regret down the road. I can safely say that if I could go back and make the decision to purchase the P-1G again, I’d do so in a heart beat! I look forward to seeing what new appliances and options they come up with for it in the future. I am particularly interested in what they plan on utilizing the spacious stand for. If a Pico Reef is something you are really curious about, and design aesthetics is highly important to you, I’d highly recommend this tank!!!

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    • P

      Thank you so much for the awesome review with your MicroTank Artisan P-1G! We really appreciated your feedbacks and thoughtfulness details. It is our ever growing endeavor to improve and innovate our products to the highest level in the industry, and it is because that we’re a family run business passionately love crafting/designing that make it possible to produce these high quality systems at a very limited quantity due to the insane labor involved. The light we recommended should be good enough for less demanding SPS (digitata, montipora, birdnests) but it is another challenge in itself to keep SPS unless you are an experience reefer. The lid is fitted one way because it needs to accommodate the filter cover. We’ll have a couple of neat accessories and a different light coming up in a few weeks, stay tuned and I hope you’ll enjoy your MicroTank for a long time!

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