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MicroTank Artisan P-1G Peninsula AIR - Oceanbox Designs, LLC

MicroTank Artisan P-1G Peninsula AIR

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MicroTank® P-1G AIR Key Features:

  • Premium Features packed into a One Gallon micro aquarium!
  • The “Floating” Optical Illusion for an Artistic desktop display!
  • DECO-DOCK™ unique Architectural Illusion display stand.
  • Display tank with Ultra-Premium structural build quality.
  • Display tank featured Hand-Polished edges.
  • Display tank made from Architectural Grade Cell-Cast Acrylics (made in North America).
  • Polycarbonate Anti-Warp tank cover with a Matte edge finish.

MicroTank Artisan P-1G Peninsula AIR Bundle

IIMAGS Nano Glass/Acrylic Aquarium Scrubber

MicroTank Artisan P-1G Flow Booster

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Designed to Defy Your Vision for the Ultimate Micro-Reef Desktop Art!

MicroTank® Artisan P-1G Peninsula AIR by Oceanbox Designs

Extremely sleek and contemporary Reef-Ready design that will immerse your Micro-Reefing creativity Beyond Boundaries!


The Oceanbox Designs® MicroTank Artisan P-1G Peninsula AIR (Architectural Illusion Rendering) is truly an ALL-IN-ONE hand-crafted micro aquarium that seamlessly integrates aesthetics, engineering, architecture, electronics, and reefing into one system unlike any other! The MicroTank P-1G AIR featured multiple innovative functionalities engineered to create your most successful mini slice of the ocean. Our unique A.I.R. DECO-DOCK™ serves more than just aesthetic purposes – It is a precise measure of structural engineering that deliberately obscures your view giving it a floating appearance! The 30-lb holding capacity gives you absolute confidence it can hold the full setup, including water, rock, and light. The optical illusion of our MicroTank® P-1G AIR alone makes it an artistic display that sets the standard for Desktop Micro-Reefs!

While such a small volume tank is more suitable for intermediate to advanced reefers, beginners can have a successful micro-reef as well with a selection of easy-to-care-for livestock. The Oceanbox Designs® team is passionately involved in the hobby and has spent a great deal of time and effort developing upgrades and accessories to enhance your total experience – Keeping a Micro-Reef tank has never been easier!

MicroTank® P-1G AIR Overview

The MicroTank® P-1G AIR is 1 Gallon Peninsula Micro AIO aquarium that is highly engineered, superior-built, and features a 95% enclosed ecosystem to maintain water parameters and temperature extremely stable, with both a custom fitted filter cover and display area cover (which is essential in a small volume system!).

Main Features

95% Enclosed Ecosystem

Stability is the key to a successful micro reef! Our sleek, Anti-Warp display cover is made from polycarbonate with machined smooth and chamfered edges. A snap-on AIO filter cover is also provided, making it a 95% enclosed ecosystem to maximize water stability. Top off will only be needed once every 5-7 days, even then only a sip of RO/DI water is all there is to refill any evaporation.

Flow & Circulation

A 5VDC 50GPH return pump with an adjustable flare nozzle is installed to provide proper flow and circulation for your corals while keeping noise level to almost silence due to the low DC voltage. We also used a high quality flexible black tubing to prevent algae build up inside the tubing which can cause clogging and reduce flow overtime.


The MicroTank® P-1G comes equipped with a well-designed built-in All-In-One filter. To ensure the proper filtration, an optimized advanced features Removeable Media Basket is provided with two UV reactive slide-out media trays to hold mechanical and chemical filter medias. Your rockscape will serve the purpose of biological filter media for beneficial bacteria to cultivate within.


To ensure temperature stability, an integrated heater chamber is built into the Media Basket to be fitted for the Aqueon 5Watt Flat Heater. Caution! This heater doesn’t have a controller built-in so it is strongly recommended to be used with the Inkbird 308S Temperature Controller. These components are to be bought separately, they are not included!


A custom 18W 20,000K Pico LED Light is available with our P-1G AIR PRO model that will support most SPS, LPS, and Soft corals. This light has a tailored custom fitted active cooling with a dual-ball-bearing fan and an additional heatsink – Designed/upgraded by Oceanbox Designs® for long lasting performance. Our light stay lukewarm to the touch even after 5-6 hours of running. The waterproof gooseneck and plastic clamp-style mount makes for an easy installation and will NOT CORRODE unlike an aluminum mount.

Alternative compatible LED light: 16W S20 from Amazon


  • Filled Water Volume: 1.2 Gallons
  • Tank Dimensions: ~10.5″L x 5.4″W x 5.4″H
  • Display Area Dimensions: ~7-3/4″L x 4-3/4″W x 5″ (Waterline)
  • Stand Dimensions: ~10.5″L x 5.4″W x 2.5″H
  • Proudly Designed and Hand-Built in Texas
  • *Due to these systems being hand-built, dimensions may be slightly differ from system to system.


Our MicroTank® line is made from Premium-Sourced Architectural Grade Cell-Cast Acrylics (made in North America). All materials that meet water are 100% Reef-Safe!

MicroTank® and Oceanbox Designs® are registered trademarks of Oceanbox Designs, LLC

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– How to setup the MicroTank® Artisan P-1G –

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What set an Oceanbox Designs® Aquarium apart?

  • Hand-Crafted – Oceanbox Designs® aquariums are not part of a mass production/retail line, it is designed, individually built, and quality-assured 100% in-house in Texas.
  • Premium Acrylics (made in North America) – To ensure the quality of our aquariums, we make an extra effort to choose and source high quality materials with a nominal and uniform thickness domestically. Imports and generic materials prone to inferior properties (undersized thickness, compromised chemical properties, etc.) are not used.
  • Structural Build QualityNot all acrylic tanks are made equal! We utilize our years of acrylic fabrication experience and proprietary techniques to ensure the highest structural integrity in every tank we built.
  • Seams Quality: We take the utmost attention in our tank building process to ensure high-quality seams are achieved with specialized fabrication techniques, premium materials, and self-formulated solvent. As laser cutting and flame polishing will cause premature seam failure, we do not laser cut or flame polish our tanks.

Oceanbox Designs® MicroTank® Artisan P-1G AIR is fully covered within 180-days of delivery free from manufacturing defects. Electronics such as pump/light/ato/heater will be covered within 45-days of delivery. Shipping damage will also be covered but must be reported to us via email within 12 hours upon delivery. During the specified period, all repair/replacement work will be covered for eligible claims. In most case, we will be providing a tailored resolution on a case-by-case basis. *Damages as a result of any unapproved self-modification/mishandling/misuse in anyway will not be covered.

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