MicroTank® Artisan P-1G

One-Gallon. Supercharged. PRO.

Micro Concept Aquatic Environment

Oceanbox Designs® MicroTank® Artisan P-1G line enables you to create one of the most beautiful miniature aquatic environment that keeps soft corals, inverts, macroalgae, and as well as freshwater plants and shrimps.
Soft Corals
Oceanbox Designs® MicroTank® Artisan P-1G line is conceptually unique and features packed in a ONE-GALLON aquarium. The P-1G micro tanks are meticulously designed and hand-built in Texas with an exceptional aesthetic, redefined functionality, and mastered construction.
To maintain the highest quality in our aquariums, we only use USA-made cell-cast architectural acrylic with the best optical quality, highest chemical resistance, long term design stress, and superior weatherability. It is common for imports and generic materials to have bonding issues and undersized thickness that we choose to stay away from despite the lower cost.
Oceanbox Designs® specializes in proprietary fabrication techniques that produce high-quality seams of structural integrity that cannot be replicated easily. Our 7+ years of expertise includes with custom jigs, CNC machines, machining finish, CAD and control software. This provides a high level of quality for our final product.
Our edge finishing processes include hand-routing, layer-by-layer hand-sanding, and hand-polishing to a high-gloss finish…This is the most time consuming task of all that takes hours alone!

Ultra-Premium and Small Footprint

The MicroTank® P-1G systems featured redefined functionality, breathtaking aesthetic, and meticulous craftmanship with a compact footprint that fits anywhere.

MicroTank® P-1G AIR

Captivating Optical Illusion

Our latest design, the MicroTank® P-1G AIR screams attention with its striking Architectural-Illusion-Rendering (AIR) stand that conceptualizes a floating look. This compact All-In-One micro (pico) aquarium system entails many intriguing features from the beautifully constructed craftmanship to refined functionalities that enables you to create a truly unique micro-reef or freshwater planted aquarium.

MicroTank® P-1G SE

Form & Function Redefined

The MicroTank® P-1G SE is our entry into the micro aquariums world, conceptualized in early 2019, and released in late 2021 due to the pandemic. This beautiful concept features a built-in filter, dedicated medias/heater caddy, a custom fitted cover with UV-reactive orange rim, and a fully functional modular stand. This small but impeccable system is more than capable of keeping soft corals, inverts, and plants.

MicroTank® P-1G USM

Breathtaking Craftmanship

The MicroTank® P-1G USM is a successor of the P-1G SE that features an elegant black & white color scheme. This super sleek and ULTRA-PREMIUM All-In-One peninsula 1 GALLON aquarium allows you to create a bespoke micro aquatic environment that keeps soft corals, inverts, and macroalgae or freshwater plants.

Next-Level Performance

Build the most advanced micro aquarium environment in the world with our essential accessories, tailored hardscapes, and flow controller (coming soon), that excels your MicroTank P-1G’s capability to the next level.





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