RECMini Snorkel Pro Coral Lens (for Android)

From $107.00

RECMini Snorkel Pro Coral Lens (for Android)

From $107.00

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Submersible snorkel lens for up to 2 inches deep.
Camera-like ergonomics and controllability.
10,000K FILTER
Shoot in full spectrum to full actinic when used with the included 12,000K filter.

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Capture breathtaking reef tank scenes and underwater top-down view videos with the submersible Oceanbox Designs® RECMini Snorkel Pro (for Android) coral lens kit, your ultimate reef tank top-down viewer. Enjoy camera-like ergonomics and controllability with the included Pro Grip.

*For optimal results, use the Pro Photo or Pro Video mode for white balance adjustment.

◙ Submersible lens, up to 2" deep

◙ Reef tank top-down viewer 

◙ Capture full tank + top-down videos

◙ Eliminate reflections, surface ripples

◙ Minimize glares from tank's light

◙ Ultra-clear acrylic lens

◙ Camera-like ergonomics

◙ Premium 3D-printed body

◙ Made in Texas, USA


◙ Video: 16:9 (1x zoom)

◙ Photo: 3:2, 4:3, 1:1 (1.3x zoom)

◙ Waterproof: Submersible up to 2 inches



◙ Filter Thread: 37mm 

◙ Color Temperature: 12,000K



◙ Fits smartphones from 2.9-3.3" wide

◙ For use above water only



◙ Filter Thread: 37mm

◙ Fits most Android smartphones

◙ RECMini™ attachment

◙ Pro Grip

◙ 12,000K filter

◙ Clip-on mount

◙ Front & rear caps

◙ Microfiber cloth

It's a snorkel for your smartphone.

Dive into epic top-down videos of your coral reef aquarium with the Oceanbox Designs­® RECMini™ Snorkel. This submersible coral lens lets you capture mesmerizing underwater scenes with your smartphone, eliminating surface reflections and rippling for crisp footage.

So professional. So easy.

Immerse yourself in camera-like ergonomic design and unparalleled comfort with the PROGrip. Securely attach it to the locking clip-on mount, allowing you to capture stunning underwater videos up to 2 inches below the water's surface.

Capture your underwater world.

Ideal for documenting the reef life and capturing the captivating movement of coral within your reef aquarium from an immersive top-down perspective.


RECMini™ Snorkel Pro + 12,000K Filter

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Play Video


RECMini™ Snorkel Pro + 12,000K Filter

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  1. JH

    The Oceanbox Designs RECMini Snorkel is THE perfect tool for top-down shots of your reef. This utility doesn’t stop there though, it’s also perfect for inspecting your corals’ health without having to shut the pumps off. Not to mention the great customer service delivered by OBD.

    Image #1 from Joshua H.
    Image #2 from Joshua H.
    Video #1 from Joshua H.
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  2. FC

    Fantastic! For Italian, this is an innovative product with attention to detail. It’s easy to use and perfect for taking underwater videos.

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