RECMini Snorkel Pro Coral Lens (for iPhone)

From $139.00

RECMini Snorkel Pro Coral Lens (for iPhone)

From $139.00

(5 customer reviews)
Submersible snorkel lens for up to 2 inches deep.
Enable seamless filter + lens attachment.
Camera-like ergonomics and controllability.
10,000K FILTER
Shoot in full spectrum to full actinic when used with the included 12,000K filter.

Availability: Limited Stock! *Ships within 5-7 business days.

Capture breathtaking reef tank scenes and underwater top-down view videos with the submersible Oceanbox Designs® RECMini Snorkel Pro (for iPhone) coral lens kit, your ultimate reef tank top-down viewer. Enjoy camera-like ergonomics and controllability with the integrated Pro Lens Case and Pro Grip.

*Macro Control must be enabled following these instructions with in Camera-app Macro disabled. Third-party app required for optimal results: Use ProCamera for photos, ProMovie Recorder for videos.

◙ Submersible lens, up to 2" deep

◙ Reef tank top-down viewer

◙ Capture full tank + top-down videos

◙ Eliminate reflections, surface ripples

◙ Minimize glares from tank's light

◙ Ultra-clear acrylic lens

◙ Camera-like ergonomics

◙ Interchangeable with our lenses + filters

◙ Premium 3D-printed body

◙ Made in Texas, USA


◙ Video: 16:9 (1x zoom)

◙ Photo: 3:2, 4:3, 1:1 (1.3x zoom)

◙ Waterproof: Submersible up to 2 inches



◙ Filter Thread: 37mm 

◙ Color Temperature: 12,000K



◙ Fits smartphones from 2.9-3.3" wide

◙ For use above water only



◙ Lens Thread: 17mm

◙ Filter Adapter: 17-37mm

◙ Material: PC backed TPU, aluminum mount

◙ RECMini™ attachment

◙ iPhone Pro Lens Case

◙ Pro Grip

◙ 12,000K filter

◙ Mouting adapter

◙ Front & rear caps

◙ Microfiber cloth

It's a snorkel for your iPhone.

Dive into your ocean wonders with this submersible lens, capturing stunning tank views and mesmerizing underwater top-down videos with your iPhone. Enjoy crystal-clear footage and seamless transitions between scenes.

So professional. So effortless.

Experience camera-like ergonomic design and unparalleled comfort with the integrated Pro Lens Case and ProGrip, allowing you to capture stunning underwater videos up to 2 inches below the water's surface with ease.

Be impressed by the captivating movements of coral.

Explore the remarkable ability to capture seamless underwater videos, even with power heads on. Immerse yourself completely in the dynamic beauty of your oceanic realm.

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RECMini™ Snorkel Pro + 12,000K Filter

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RECMini™ Snorkel Pro + 12,000K Filter

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  1. LP

    Quality product, durable, and very sleek. Easy to use. I never knew you could get footage this good without it.

    Video #1 from Lawrence Pineda
    Video #2 from Lawrence Pineda
    (1) (0)
  2. FC

    Fantastic! For Italian, this is an innovative product with attention to detail. It’s easy to use and perfect for taking underwater videos.

    (0) (0)
  3. S

    I love the RECMini Snorkel Pro kit. It lets me capture great underwater shots without having to deal with distortions from light reflections and surface tension in traditional top-down shots of aquariums. You can tell much thought and passion has been put into this snorkel kit. The idea is commendable, and the quality is even better. I would highly recommend this product to other hobbyists without hesitation.

    Video #1 from Scoobytu
    (0) (0)
  4. JL

    I was very pleased with the product. It is an awesome tool for pictures and videos for the reef tank. However I did not pay attention closely to the drop down menu to select the correct iPhone and the case that came with it did not fit. That is my own mistake and not a big issue at all.

    Image #1 from Johnny Le
    Image #2 from Johnny Le
    Image #3 from Johnny Le
    (0) (0)
  5. J

    It’s great! My husband loves it; he’s used it a few times to film videos for his Instagram.

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