RECMini Snorkel Pro Coral Lens Kit for iPhone


It's like a snorkel for your camera phone.
Select your Pro Lens Case for seamless filter + snorkel attachment.
Provides a camera-like ergonomic and secure hold while filming with the RECMini™ Snorkel.

Ship within 7-10 days due to high demand.

  • Capture amazing top-down video of your coral reef aquarium with the RECMini Snorkel Pro Coral Lens Kit.
  • Each RECMini™ Snorkel Pro kit will come with a PRO Lens Case for your choosen iPhone.
  • Document & share your coral reef from an immersive top-down perspective.
  • Eliminates surface reflections and current from above-water shot.
  • Submersible up to 2 inches deep below the water level.
  • Compatible with most smartphones in single camera mount.
  • Includes: PRO Lens Case, Lens Mount Adapter, RECMini™ Snorkel, 12,000K Filter, Pro Grip.
  • Accessories included: Front & rear caps, microfiber wipe, instruction.
  • Made from premium composite 3D printed & acrylic materials.
  • Designed and made in the USA.

*3rd party app required: ProMovie Recorder.

It's like a snorkel mask for your phone.

Embark on a new journey to create amazing top-down videos of your coral reef tank with the Oceanbox Designs­® RECMini™ Snokel. This innovative coral lens attachment enables you to explore and capture amazing top-down videos of your corals and reef tank from below-water level with your smartphone. Just picture yourself capturing the dance of corals, the intricate movements of aquatic life, and the subtle shifts of colors, all from a perspective that defies convention.

With the RECMini™ Snorkel, you can experience the thrill of discovery without hesitation, for every aspect of this journey has been meticulously designed. From the secure Locking Clip-on Mount to its seamless compatibility with most smartphones, every detail of the REC.Mini™ ReefLens invites you to dive into the extraordinary and let your reef tales unfold in ways you never thought possible. It's like a snorkeling tour in your own reef environment!

Crafted with innovation at its core, this coral lens attachment guarantees unparalleled quality without any water-related worries. Its waterproof capability enables you to dive into depths of up to 2 inches beneath the water's surface, capturing crisp and captivating footages. This eliminates annoying surface reflections and current from typical above-water footages. 

The RECMini™ Snorkel Lens Kit includes our proprietary 12,000K Filter and Clip-on Mount, all set to capture your amazing slice of the ocean like never before!

Designed for underwater filming in reef aquariums.

Ideal for documenting the reef life within your reef aquarium, the immersive perspective of your coral reef enviroment, or capturing captivating natural movement of coral.


RECMini™ Snorkel + 12,000K Filter


RECMini™ Snorkel + 12,000K Filter

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